Hyper-secure location detection

This page covers the basic idea behind pointNG's reverse geocoding machine learning process.

How pointNG machine learning works

The purpose of pointNG is to make it easy for developers to start building great stuff with GPS location data. Easy means that you need to spend less time with implementation and privacy -elated hassle.

Traditionally personalization or geocoding services require that your users' GPS coordinates are passed from their device or browser to 3rd party services for processing. Doing so can cause privacy concerns and demands the developers and companies that use these services to pay attention to GDPR/CCPA related regulations in their privacy policies.

pointNG is different, and instead of sending coordinate-data to 3rd party servers or our servers, we use machine learning directly on users' devices or browsers to execute reverse geocoding.

pointNG SDK enables you to use pointNG in your websites and webapps by providing you functions that return your users' predicted location that you can use to improve their experience.

When should I use pointNG?

If your product is eg. a map application or taxi-ride app, and you need to work with precise coordinate data, pointNG is not the right service for you.

Instead, if you are looking for an easy way to personalize or customize your website using your users' location and put a high value on privacy - pointNG is the tool for you.

Also, if the data's precision is not a high priority, but instead, the approximate level of identification is enough to cover your use cases - pointNG is the right tool.

Example use cases to utilize pointNG:

  • Targeting popup-banners or online ads

  • Redirecting users to local sites

  • Prefilling forms with location information

  • Personalizing copy-texts and images

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